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T.H.T. Boards

Assembly of traditional components is carried out in different ways depending on the volumes and the possibility to integrate the whole process.

We have “Odd form” assembly machines that enables us to obtain maximum flexibility in pre-forming process, polarity control, insertion and possible pin bending with anti-loose result and possibility to mount automatically bulk components and components in tubes or reel, without damaging them.

The boards assembled and if necessary completed by qualified personel, can be immediately soldered in a tense flow with a 3 solder pots selective soldering machine and tested in line with bed of nails testing machine, whether it is a simple ICT that a functional, with the maximum guarantee of control on production process and final quality.

We also have an area dedicated to manual completion and to wave soldering in an inert atmosphere, with the possibility to create protecting pallet for selective soldering of the boards. In addition, there is an electric press available for the completion with press-fit connectors.