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We, in ROJ, have a long and deep experience in industrialization, aquired on our products and also extended to several areas of electronics, both industrial and consumer uses.

The staff dedicated to engineering continually develops their skills through internal training and courses at certificate authorities.

We take care to analyze the documentation supplied by the customer and standardize it to optimize processes of supplying material, production and testing, as if it was a ROJ product.

We can provide the customer with information on the degree of manufacturability and testability of its products and help him to undertake any actions for improvement.

We design assembling flows using concepts of World Class Manufacturing to achieve excellence on performance, even and especially through the automation, i.e. the integration of automation and human sensitivity to ensure the stability of the production process.

We design and manufacture by ourselves electrical and functional tests, starting from specifications provided by the customer and we integrate them in our production flow to optimize productivity.