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In ROJ, 100% of the production is submitted to one or more testing process to grant the best quality of the finished product.

We are able to propose the best testing strategy, in accordance with the customer’ need, and to reduce as much as possible the number of defects in the field and with the goal to cancel it.

The validation of the product begins during assembling, with the screen printing automatic control (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of the joints and of the components placement.

It comes complete with an electrical and functional checking, without excluding the possibility to analyze the boards with the x-ray inspection.

The test results are stored in dedicated databases to allow the traceability of the processes and the defect analysis.

The main testing technologies at our disposal are:

  • ICT bed of nails test, both on-line than stand-alone, for the execution of parametric and functional testing and for programming components directly onboard. Testing can be completed with integrated boundary test scan and comprehensive functional, with the aid of the National LabVIEW platform slaved to ICT machine.
  • ICT offline test by means of automatic flying probe, contacting with dual side probing and the possibility of nodal impedance test (NZT) to speed up the test and avoid false float.
  • Functional tests with onboard programming possibiblity and boundary scan testing, with customized system and equipment internally designed and managed by National LabVIEW Platform.