SMT T H R Boards Header DEF

SMT – T.H.R. Boards

With three assembling lines equipped with top range of ASM machines, we are able to mount both components at high miniaturization, than large BGA and “pin in paste” connectors (THR), with a capacity of over 120 million components/year constantly growing.

SMT mounting lines are fully automated and designed to handle assembling of electronic boards in tense flow and without manipulation by the operator.

All process phases, from screen printing to solder reflow, are inspected with automatic control systems to guarantee maximum quality and stability of the result.

We, in ROJ, believe that quality should be built in the process and not only verified at the end of the production flow. For this reason, our SMT assembling lines are equipped with SPI and AOI inspection machines and bed of nails board testers.

These three production lines reflects so many types of products and provide the possibility to move from a low and high-mix production volume, that requires further external processes, to a complete and tested products ready for final packaging, whether for SMT / THR boards and products with traditional components, even when conformal coating or final depanelling is requested.