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The latest design on the X3 platform and is used for dusty and heavy yarns, such as flat polypropylene tape, nylon mono-filament and roving on projectile and rapier weaving machines used in the production of flooring and technical textiles.

Special features

  • Internal yarn channel up to 11 mm
  • Quick release for balloon control funnel
  • Adjustable position for balloon control funnel
  • Compatible with X2/X3 generation VSB
  • Low yarn friction through the feeder
  • Consistent yarn separation across the spool body
  • Pattern in advance (when used with CAN communication)
  • Automatic speed and sensitivity control (PMM+CAN)
  • No sensor calibration required
  • Sealed against dust penetration
  • Robust construction (full metal housing)
  • Easy mechanical maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Input yarn break piezo sensor (optional)
Technical data
Maximum speed1600 m/min
Yarn count rangefrom Nm 0.5 to 40 dTex
Winding direction”S” and ”Z”
Yarn separationmax 4.5 mm
Sensor systemsButton down mechanical
Spoolbody diameter135 mm
Dimensions190 mm height, 345 mm length, 150 mm width
Weight11.5 kg

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Hd x3 header