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DMD 4x

The DMD4X series offers a range of brushless motors with 12V power supply and CAN communication.. ​

With the standard gearbox set, the DMD4X series cover the range from 10 Nm to 26 Nm at a nominal speed of 100rpm, ensuring versatility and high performance.​

The different torque ranges are covered with different motor body lengths, keeping the same 80mm diameter and drive electronic housing. ​

For specific requirements, different versions configuration are available, including worm gearbox, planetary gearbox, or even a no-gear option upon request.​


Compact in size, the DMD4X series finds applications in precision planters, seed meters that require high power, fertilizer dosers, cereals seed drills, transplanters, plot seeders, and other special agricultural applications. ​

Why DMD4x?

  • Rugged motor for Agriculture applications​
  • CAN communication ready for J1939 and ISOBUS communication protocol​
  • ROJ Support on Agtech Applications​
  • ROJ support on proper fitting motor+application ​
  • Integrated motor driver there are no needs of additional ecu, harness structure​
  • more accurate control of the doser (direction inversion, torque control, ecc.)​

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