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The DMD-2 48V motor (P/N 54T01117) is a brushless motor with an electronically controlled planetary gearbox.

This motor can be used to replace mechanical or hydraulic transmissions, in agricultural equipment, such as in the variable rate applications.

Main advantages compared to 12V:

  • For the same motor power, the 48V system uses 1/4 of the current, reducing problems related to the voltage drop

For the same current consumption, several motors can be connected to the 48V system, increasing the total power installed on the machine


  • Designed for 48V agricultural equipment
  • 4,5 Nm, 80 rpm @ output shaft
  • Custom versions upon request
  • Integrated brushless motor drive with CANOpen communication (speed and position control)
  • 2 digital inputs (e.g. seed sensor or hopper level sensor)
  • Application focus: planters with high number of rows

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