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The DMD-O (P/N 1406.601) is an application specific brushless motor with integrated orthogonal gearbox and electronic drive.

The motor can be used to replace mechanical or hydraulics transmissions in agricultural or other off-highway applications (e.g. variable rate applications).

Application example are:

  • Actuation of seeding element in pneumatic precision planting machines
  • Actuation of seed distributor in air-drills or small grain planters
  • Actuation of fertilizer and microganular spreaders in agricultural machines
  • Salt, fertilizer, grain spreaders


  • Designed for 12V agricultural equipment
  • 8,75Nm, 100 rpm @ output shaft
  • Rugged anti-corrosion aluminum housing
  • Slim design (85mm total width to fit the application requirements)
  • CANOpen communication (speed and position control)
  • Integrated low power DC-motor drive to control small actuator (eg. automatic seed singulator)
  • 2 application specific digital inputs (Seed counting and Seed singulator position)

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