Low Twist X3

Low twist

The Low Twist X3 unit is essentially an unrolling device, utilising an optical sensor system to ensure that the rotation of the package is synchronised with the weft insertion speed of the loom. This application is specifically designed to improve the weaving of metallized polyester film e.g. Lurex, since it can reduce the twist from ribbon yarn when being drawn from the package. The Low Twist X3 unit must be installed behind a weft accumulator. The new model Low Twist X3 unit connects to the same Voltage supply box of the X2 / X3 generation of weft accumulators.

Technical data
Max unrolling speed600 m/min
Max bobbin weight500 grams
Suitable bobbin external diameter55, 70, 79 or 82 mm
Suitable bobbin inner diameter9 mm
Suitable bobbin external length65, 87 or 96 mm
Connection to X2/X3 voltage supply boxMaximum two Low Twist X3 units in addition to existing weft accumulators for each box.

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Low twist