HD Balloon Control

Balloon ico 270x177
Balloon Cone

Balloon breaking cone or funnel

This item can be supplied when the combination of the weight of the yarn together with the insertion rate (meter per minute) of the weaving machine requires that the balloon created by the yarn is correctly controlled.

These are for extreme applications and are needed to ensure the yarn can be inserted correctly into the weaving machine.


Brush Balloon control only

The most popular combination of tensioner and balloon control on the market today. The E-Flex has proven to be a very flexible solution for spun yarns and is appreciated by customers worldwide. This patent protected item continues to be a corner stone for solving tension difficulties on an array of different yarns.

  • high-wear resistance
  • low dust creation/accumulation
  • self-cleaning tension surfaces

The traditional brush element used for balloon control when the yarn is inserted into the weaving machine, exists in many different versions, including:

  • direction orientated bristles for the optimum performance
  • different bristle materials and a range of bristle thicknesses

Our vast experience has created a range of brushes available today for all weaving requirements.

  • versatile
  • large variety of versions depending on yarn type
  • suitable for most yarn types

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Balloon ico 270x177